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About Us

We are the #1 therapist employer in our area! We specialize in providing quality care to our patients in their homes and aim to make them as independent as possible. A person’s home is a special place, and our goal is to provide specialized care to allow each patient the ability to stay in their home as long as they would like. We work hand in hand with physicians and Home Health Agencies so that every need is met.

Years ago there was very little uniformity on how therapy was performed in our area and this yielded an environment which promoted disarray and confusion. The roads were peppered with independent contractors picking up work (or not) as they pleased, and as such, patient’s suffered, home health agencies suffered and therapists were left in the cold if they were looking for an actual therapy company to go to work for.

Luckily, times have changed and ATS has emerged into what we are today. We are the largest therapy employer in Southeast Texas, and as employers, we can guarantee that our therapists are well equipped, well guided and meet the highest standard of professionalism. This environment breeds better patient care, improved communication with our clients, better outcomes, accountability and a great place for therapists to practice.

Doctors and nurses who choose to send their patients to ATS should expect the highest level of therapy from us. They should also expect to deal with a professional administrative staff who will address each question and concern promptly and courteously. Your patient’s will be seen within a reasonable time from their referral which will allow them to guarantee prompt service to their patients. Many of our current clients are already enjoying the benefits of working with a therapy company that is as structured and patient centered as they are.

Therapists who choose to work with ATS should expect to practice in an environment that promotes great care (say goodbye to crazy productivity standards) and also take part of a growing benefits package that you can sign up for day 1! We also provide each full-time therapist a mobile technology package which helps streamline documentation and communication, and all ATS employees are given the opportunity to grow with a company that is vested in their success.

As a growing member of our community, our mission is to provide something of value to everyone we come in contact with.