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Free Evaluation

Great News! If you live in or around Beaumont, Texas, and are not currently receiving home health services we will send a qualified physical therapist to your home for a free evaluation.  There are some restrictions that apply but I’m sure we can be helpful on multiple levels, so don’t hesitate to call.

So, who qualifies for a Free PT Evaluation?  Anyone who is home bound and has recently suffered a fall or near fall, undergone a surgery which makes it difficult to walk safely, or is de-conditioned to the point of being unsafe at home will benefit.  There are many other reasons that would qualify someone for home therapy so just call and schedule your appointment.

You should expect a licensed physical therapist to visit with you in your home and ask a series of questions and run various tests which will help determine your need for physical therapy.  Don’t worry, it takes less than an hour and often times, we can get it done within 30 minutes.  If the determination is made that you or your loved one qualifies, and also agrees to move forward with the plan of care, we will contact your physician and get his or her consent before we begin treatment.