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Who Needs ATS

Many people can benefit from having therapy in their home but may not realize it or may not know the service exists!  Individuals who are having a difficult time with walking, getting in and out of a car, have experienced a fall or have a nagging injury will benefit from having a professional therapist come out to evaluate him or her.  Here’s the best part, if it’s too difficult or impossible to leave your home to go to a clinic, we will come to you!

Here’s a basic run down of what we do:

Physical Therapists work on things like balance, strength and range of motion to improve the way people walk, transfer and just generally how we “get around”.

Occupational Therapists focus on improving the way a person functions in their environment.  That may mean working on specific muscles to allow someone to reach in the top cabinet or modifying someone’s existing home to compensate for something like low vision or blindness.

Speech Pathologists are skilled at pinpointing why their patient’s are having difficulty with swallowing certain drinks or foods to improving their ability to communicate and interact with everyone around them.

Each group of therapists mentioned above are comprised of highly skilled professionals that work with very delicate situations, all in the effort of improving their patient’s well being.  We could get very technical about what it is they do, but who wants to read through that?  All of your questions will be answered during your evaluation and throughout your treatments, or if you need more specifics feel free to call our knowledgeable and friendly staff members at 409-299-4638.