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Home Health

Alliance Therapy Services (ATS) has worked very hard since opening it’s doors in late 2010 to provide the most comprehensive therapy services in Southeast Texas. With a staff of over 30 therapists, including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, ATS has become the pronounced choice when it comes to home health therapy.

As the best option for home health therapy, ATS offers an unmatched level of services that includes:

  • Clear and Concise Communication, ATS has a fully functioning office that includes an Office Administrator, Therapy Coordinator, Administrator Assistant and other supporting staff that can answer any and all home health related questions within seconds.
  • Defensible Documentation, ATS chose industry leading Kinnser Software for all of its documentation needs. Beyond all of what Kinnser has to offer, ATS takes several detailed steps to ensure all documentation meets medicare standards and guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Therapy, ATS currently employees over 30 therapists and treats patients in over 9 counties in southeast texas. Also having a comprehensive team including all 3 therapy disciplines, allows for treatment of a wide range of diagnosis.
  • User Friendliness for Home Health Agencies, ATS prides itself on professional and clear communication including:  delivering weekly electronic invoices and signatures, calling in therapy frequencies daily, attempting to see all new evals the following day, weekend orthopedic coverage and easy access to all the therapist’s credentials.
  • Community Outreach Programs, One of the most effective measures allowing ATS to grow is it’s constant community outreach, whether it’s working hand-in-hand with doctors, treating indigent patients, supporting local businesses or reaching out to ensure the seniors of southeast Texas are cared for, ATS’s first priority is giving back to the community.

ATS is continuously striving to offer better services to the community and improve upon what it provides to home health agencies. Please contact us today to see if ATS is the best option for your therapy needs.