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Alliance Therapy Services (ATS) is continuously searching for well respected, ethical therapists to add to it’s already growing team. ATS is primarily a Home Health Therapy based company, but is continuously breaking into new markets and settings. In an effort to distinguish it’s self from independent contract therapy companies, ATS is pleased to offer a very unique and competitive benefits package to it’s Full-Time staff. Below you will see a compare and contrast between ATS vs Independent contractors.

Pay per visit format
Lower tax burden
Full Medical Insurance
Dental Vision Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
Free Tablet for Documentation
Medical equipment for documentation (BP Cuff, Pulse-Ox, etc.)
Full functioning office staff for daily support and problem solving
Manageable patient caseload
401K retirement account
Potential for Company Car

Independent Contractor
Pay per visit format
100% tax burden
No Medical Insurance
No Dental and Vision Insurance
No Professional Liability Insurance
100% liability for on the job accidents
No job related computer
No job related equipment
No office staff available
No company car available
Overwhelming and chaotic work environment
No 401K available

ATS separates itself from most home health therapy companies in that it is constantly reinvesting back into the company. Growth is the key and ATS’s main goal for success. ATS believes that if it treats therapists with the professional respect and the courtesy they’re due while also creating enticing incentives and compensation packages they will not only stay with ATS but be proud to call ATS their employer.

Contact us today regarding our current employment needs and find out how ATS can offer you the best home health experience available to therapists.