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Alliance Therapy Services, long before it was mandated, moved away from “paper notes” over to an electronic medical record (EMR) format. After extensive research and careful consideration, we decided to partner with Kinnser Software to provide our documentation services.

Kinnser is a user friendly web-based software which allows home health agencies, nurses, hospitals, doctors and any other healthcare professional easy access to: patient charts, therapy frequencies, patient calendars, “realtime” therapy documentation, clear communication with office staff, and a HIPAA approved e-mail system. The best part is you can access Kinnser from our user friendly website

Kinnser is a big part of what allows Alliance Therapy Services to grow, because it manages so many vital sections of the  company. Just to list a few of items Kinnser manages:

  •  PDGM LUPA Thresholds
  • 30 day Re-evaluation medicare rule
  •  Kinnser Visit Verify to capture patient’s signatures
  •  Therapist’s schedules (to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed)
  •  Legibility of documentation
  •  Medicare defensible documentation
  •  Missed Visits
  •  Electronic Communications (regarding patient specific issues)
  •  Itemized Home Health invoices ( by patient and discipline)

With the ability to do so much, Kinnser allows Alliance Therapy Services and Home Health Agencies the confidence of passing a medicare audit and maximizing reimbursement.